TV Reviews: Doctor Who "Into The Dalek"

The Doctor is back! Last week I stated that I was disappointed in the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who and that Peter Capaldi didn’t feel like the Doctor yet. This week, however, both the show and The Doctor are back on top form and I am loving it!

Once again I won’t spoil the plot for all the people who haven’t seen it, but I feel like the show is finally getting better again and, arguably, going back to the early days of the modern Doctor Who’s when Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor and every episode was intriguing.
The Dalek’s are always a favourite and it was brilliant to see them again, and this time with an interesting twist as well. Honestly I think it too one of the classic aliens for me to really see The Doctor is Peter Capaldi. I can no truly say that Who is back on track to being my favourite show.
I am loving the Scottish accent, the relationship between Clara and The Doctor, the new opening titles and The Doctor’s new outfit – not to mention his attitude. What I want to see now is more TARDIS time so we can adjust and come to love it like the opening titles. Another part of The Doctor I am loving is the brutal attitude he has towards achieving his goal – even willing to kill humans to do so which is different to the past couple of Doctors.
Once again Clara was a highlight of the episode being unpredictable and purely brilliant – I will be really sad when she leaves because I am really beginning to love the relationship she has with the new Doctor. If I am honest I think she is one of my favourite companions so far and she definitely did not let me down!
This was the best episode of the show in a very long time, you should definitely watch it. The of was strong and well executed, the acting was great and it was just generally an entertaining watch. It is so great to see the show doing so well again. Literally so excited for next weeks episode.
Brilliant episode! Good Who is back!
What did you think of the episode?
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