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Well, my first ever stab at poetry seems to be going down well and I have caught the bug. Ever since I posted those two poems my brain has gone in to poetry overdrive and I can not stop! Even took a few days off blogging because I didn’t want to bombard you all with my poetry, particularly the followers I had before my poetry.

I am so thankful to all of the people who gave me praise and love towards my poetry because I was so nervous posting it. Honestly, I never thought I’d be in to poetry – I mean I love reading it, but I never thought I’d be writing it. Having no idea what spurred it on I can only assume that my inner desire to be a writer managed to claw it’s way out and say “look…just try it once. You might be good at it.”
That’s how my blogging started. I remember saying to myself “just post it, what’s the worst that can happen?” And that is something I stick by today – what’s the worst that can happen? I get a couple of bad comments (which has never happened). The truth is that I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with people, even if I get back lash I love replying to it and explaining why I didn’t mean offence.
At school we were constantly asked what we wanted to do when we were older and I would always reply with “lawyer”, “actress” or “animator” eventually I found myself wanting to make films feeling that it was my “calling” – man was I wrong. I mean I still like making films, but written word speaks to me so much more.
If you were to say to my old English teachers “oh yeah, Jodie keeps a blog and writes constantly – she has even written poetry” they would very likely laugh and not believe you. English was never my favourite subject until my last year in school, but I was too “blind” to admit it. Focussing a of my energy on mathematics is what I ended up doing deeming it “more important” when the truth is I just found it easier.
You see, dyslexia had bothered me up until 5th year so I really struggled with English. Not knowing why I couldn’t read fast or write properly it intimidated me, but the logic in maths always made sense to me – however I failed a lot of maths tests because of the problem solving questions that my brain couldn’t process or that I couldn’t read properly. Academically I have never been a straight A student, always mediocre.
Which is why for a long time I put off starting a blog and writing poetry like I really wanted to due to fear of failing, fear of people’s response and a fear of myself. Now the only thing I fear in terms of writing is rejection. You did that. All you readers helped me over come so much just by reading, liking and supporting. Now I can write poetry and know it will be praised or rightfully criticised, now I can write whatever I want and not feel the need to hide. For that I owe you all.

Author: Jodie Paterson

I'm Jodie Paterson, a 24 year old Edinburgh based blogger! Born and raised in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire, I quickly grew a passion for writing, photography and many other creative ventures due to the beautiful Scottish landscapes that surrounded me, and I'm now 5 years in to my blogging journey and still absolutely loving it!

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