The Dangers of Social Media

The majority of the people on earth have at least one social media account – that’s safe to say, right? Now they may have a social media account, but do they actually know how to use it safely? My guess is no. Whenever I go on to Facebook I always see horrible posts done by people who will regret posting that in 5 years time. I have seen homophobic rants, name calling and even revealing pictures – my initial reaction to all of those things is..why do we feel the need to expose so much of ourselves where any one can access it?

I know what you’re thinking “but you can set you social media accounts to private” you can do that, but you still have people on your page seeing those things, don’t you? And let me tell you even the best privacy settings in the world won’t stop a hacker. Our problem is we never think about the consequences of posting something revealing online because in the moment you are posting….it’s just you and your computer screen. You can’t see the faces of the people reading or viewing the stuff you put online and therefore you don’t get a real reaction which makes you think it is an appropriate thing to post revealing information or pictures for people to see.
Here is the deal, if you post on Facebook about how horrible your parents are there is a very high chance that will eventually get back to them be it though your friends or their hacking skills they will find out. If you are posting revealing photos EVERYONE on your social media accounts can see that and at least one person is likely to save it and maybe even share it around their friends if they are horrible, you can never take it back. There comes a point when you have to stop and think “how will people ACTUALLY react to this post?” Otherwise you will struggle to gain employment, friends and maybe even lose the people you do have in your life.
I can almost guarantee the first thing an employer does when they see your name is google you to make sure you aren’t an inappropriate addition to their team, they will then probably search you on Facebook…this means they can see the drunken photos your mate tagged you in last night…let’s hope they are appropriate. When searching me, employers will probably find my blog which is why I always make sure that what I am posting won’t harm me in the long run.
How do you come across on your social media pages?

Author: Jodie Paterson

I'm Jodie Paterson, a 24 year old Edinburgh based blogger! Born and raised in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire, I quickly grew a passion for writing, photography and many other creative ventures due to the beautiful Scottish landscapes that surrounded me, and I'm now 5 years in to my blogging journey and still absolutely loving it!

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