Awkward? Never…no…not me…Shhh!

It is no secret that I am awkward and feel awkward a lot of the time (ever seen the show Miranda? That is basically me.) but in that past few days this has been exaggerated. Before my story – a clip from Miranda:

This week I have been a photographer for my universities international week which has meant that I have been meeting a lot of people and getting in the way to take photographs. On Monday I got went to the first lecture of the day expecting to take some photo’s and leave very quickly – in other words keeping to myself and being reasonably unsociable – but that is not how it happened. I went in, took my photographs and just as I was about to leave I heard a voice.
“Are you a student here?”
Reluctantly I responded with that can only be described as a fumbling mess of words.
“erm, yeah I mean I am, but I am in third year…….I went to college first. Did a 2+2 so this is my first year at uni.”
Already embarrassed I wanted to leave but that, once again, did not happen.
“What do you study?”
“What does that entail”
Now it is worth noting that when asked a question like this my mind goes completely blank and I normally just stare at people with a clueless expression…not this time. This time I just held my camera up whilst making a face hoping that would be enough. It wasn’t, he was still anticipating a response.
“well, we do lot’s of things. Photography, Video making, App making”
“Do you do the business side?”
“Erm, well I am not really sure because this is my first year at the university and I missed the first two years of the course”
“ah okay.”
This was the end of my awkward confrontation. Luckily the next day he greeted me with a huge smile and acted like I had not been awkward the day before, but I know my body language did not give off a comfortable vibe.
My next story is a little different. This time I was on a bus and this man walked on, I saw that he was reading Lord of The Rings and thought we would have a lot to talk about. What did I do? I sat and kept looking at him for the entire bus journey instead of communicating verbally. This is common with me. Annoyingly, I have seen him many times since then and still have not bothered to make verbal contact because I know it will be an awkward encounter and to be honest I have already had enough of them to last me a lifetime.
Just this morning as I stood in Starbucks and the man asked me what I wanted I, in a rush, said “can I have a gingerbread latte please?” that was all fine until he asked
“what size would you like it?”
“err well you know, this size” *makes hand gesture showing him the size*
*Starbucks man stares at me*
“Small one please” *hangs head in shame*
I picked up my (wonderful) Gingerbread Latte and left as quickly as possible not looking back in hope that he will forget my face.
Do you have any awkward stories? Please share them with me, it might make me feel slightly better about it all.
This post was inspired by the posts from this blog: You should check it out, he has a lot of funny storied to share.

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