Christmas Shopping

Shopping is difficult for me at the best of times, but Christmas shopping is my own personal idea of what hell might be like. Why? Not because I dislike buying things for other people, I love doing that – it’s because I never know what to buy for anyone, but mainly because so many other people do their Christmas shopping at the same time as me and crowds stress me out.

Realistically you would think I would take this in to consideration and do my Christmas shopping earlier, however I am not that organised and can only work under pressure.The other day I went in to Paperchase and it was the worst experience of my entire life. The shop is great and the staff are wonderful, but unfortunately on the day I went in…everyone else in Aberdeen followed me. There was very little space to move around and I was freaking out, I actually left with out buying anything because Christmas shopping stresses me out that much.
I find it funny that I am making it out to be ONLY Christmas shopping that stressed me out when it’s actually shopping all year round because I find that stores can be cramped and hard to get around and mixed with my social awkwardness there is always stuff being knocked over, or people being banged in to…even bags splitting before I’ve even left the shop! One day a show will be made about my life and people will realise that I am not lying when I say I am socially awkward.
As it is now all of my Christmas shopping has been done online and probably will be for the next few years, but a goal of mine is to one day be able to cope with Christmas shopping…or just crowds in general. The alternative is I do all my shopping throughout the year….but let’s face it I am not nearly as organised as that and even if I was circumstances might change and I maybe would not talk to that person by Christmas time which to be honest would be very likely.
Online has become a comfortable place to shop for all of us and I imagine a lot of you also did your Christmas shopping online. Why is this? Is it because we feel more comfortable doing our shopping at home, or because it is less time consuming? Please, if you have any opinions on this comment below and share your thoughts.
Not only all of that, but now I have to go shopping for wrapping paper to get all of my presents wrapped. Fun times are ahead for me!
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