Defining Success

December 29, 2014

Success is different for every person which means it is a very difficult thing to define. Everyone has or will have their own individual idea of what success is and that will differ from the people around them. For some it’s money, others seek fame whereas some people just want a job. There is no way of knowing when someone will feel successful because it is different for every one – you could lead the exact same life as a colleague who views themselves as successful but feel unsuccessful with your achievements and that is OKAY the most important thing to remember is not to define yourself upon others successes because you will get to the same place they are emotionally if you work hard for what you want.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently. I have spent my whole life saying “I want that, but I don’t know how to get it” and then giving up instead of saying “I want that, now let’s figure out how to get it” and trying to achieve it, that has been my biggest failure to date. If we all had the same thought process of giving up as soon as something seemed a tiny bit difficult then no one on this earth would achieve greatness in their chosen fields. We can’t achieve anything with out first putting the effort in to obtaining it, even if it means doing a lot of small and tedious jobs to get to your ultimate goal it is always worth it in the end.
One of my favourite things about humanity is the buzz we all seem to feel when something great is achieved, even celebrating the achievements of others seems to give us that little tingly feeling inside. We cheer on sports personalities, line up for days to see our favourite music artists and camp out to see films with our favourite actors, we love seeing people succeed and love succeeding ourselves, but too often we go about it all the wrong way. Instead of achieving ourselves we get caught in a loop of feeling that buzz for OTHER PEOPLE and that has become enough for us. You could be a championship Frisbee thrower but you are too busy watching people on the telly to try it out.
Another important thing about succeeding is knowing what you want overall. It is all well and good saying “One day I am going to learn Spanish” but when asked “what would you use it for?” could you ACTUALLY give an answer? Success will only come if you work hard for what you really want out of your life because success is personal to you. There might be thousands of people telling you “you are so talented and successful” but if you don’t feel successful yourself then you will never feel truly satisfied with your life. Do it for YOU not for others.
Make sure you end up in a field of work that you have CHOSEN and not fallen in to by choice and become comfortable. You might be the best secretary in town but feel unfulfilled because you never went out and became the thing you really wanted to be. When I was leaving school absolutely no one thought it was a good idea to leave a year early and do a film making course. I left anyway and had the best time of my entire life because I was learning about something I felt true passion for instead of falling in to a career like social work and just happening t be good at it. I learned skills that will actually help me instead of skills that I will never use again which is important because even when things became tedious or difficult I still saw visions of that end goal and felt determination.
Defining success has to be personal. If you aren’t going to feel successful until you own a business then do something about it, find a way to get there and hold on to it because the most fulfilling thing we can do in our lives is succeed and letting go of the one thing that will help us feel successful too common for my liking. If someone tells you that you will never make it or you aren’t good enough prove them wrong, show them that you can make it and achieve the one thing that will give you true happiness. Don’t let other people rule your life through their own successes or opinions do what feels right for you – that way you will get better results and lead a better life.

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