Choosing an Expertise

If you are interested in doing even half of the things I wish to with my career then you will understand how difficult it is to finally sit down and say “THIS is going to be my specialty, the thing that makes me stand out”. My main problem up until now is that I would never focus on one unique creative work, which means that most of my projects got left unfinished whilst I moved on to my next creative “passion” that would render me (not) successful, but the truth is that I really don’t think any of them were or are my one true “passion” – that is something I have recently discovered…at least I hope so.

You know, like Friends, The Simpsons, Flight of the Conchords. I want to be a comedy writer/film maker. Why? Because I like making people smile, laugh and feel happy. How do I know I am supposed to be doing it? I am actually doing research, reading books on how to refine my style and writing completed works instead of procrastinating and moving on to something else due to boredom or feeling unfulfilled. My whole life has been about using humor to mask my awkwardness, sadness or anger but somewhere down the line I forgot how much I loved comedy, until recently when I watched an episode of “The Simpsons” and realised how incredibly intelligent humor actually is.
This led me on to Steve Kaplan’s book “The Hidden Tools of Comedy” – which I highly recommend for anybody wishing to get in to comedy – and I have to say I am slightly in love this book, it has made me want to study comedy and understand what makes people laugh and why it does so. The beautiful thing about humor and comedy is that everyone is different in their tastes and (as Steve Kaplan says) something that is hilarious to an audience on Thursday can have people leaving on Sunday. Comedy is unpredictable, not just through the actions of the people delivering it but also with the reactions of people watching or listening to it and that’s what makes it so exciting, you never know what’s going to happen.
One of the things that surprises me is how complicated being funny actually is, there are no limitations because humor is personal. If you find something funny and believe in it there WILL be someone out there who not only appreciates that, but also agrees with your judgement. If I can make just one person laugh per day, I feel fantastic about myself because I have made someone forget all the negative things in their life for even just a second. With this in mind I am going to try and get work experience under a professional comedy writer so they can help me find my style and teach me more about writing comedy so I can begin writing and hopefully one day write a successful script, screenplay or book.
Have you found your passion yet? Please tell me below 🙂

Author: Jodie Paterson

I'm Jodie Paterson, a 24 year old Edinburgh based blogger! Born and raised in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire, I quickly grew a passion for writing, photography and many other creative ventures due to the beautiful Scottish landscapes that surrounded me, and I'm now 5 years in to my blogging journey and still absolutely loving it!

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