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Get Hard is the most recent film starring Will Ferrell and unfortunately that is exactly what it felt like…every other Will Ferrell film ever. Will Ferrell acts child-like and innocent whilst being taken in to an adult world.

The humour in this film felt tired and relied a lot on racial stereotypes, don’t get me wrong all the elements of comedy were there – a situation someone wouldn’t normally find themselves in, a wavy line and a straight line (the straight line character doesn’t see anything wrong with their mistakes and the wavy line character represents us in that they find confusion in the straight line characters actions and words), the main character becomes the hero in the end. Theoretically this should have been a very funny film, however because they were strongly relying on Will Ferrell’s usual humour mixed with racial stereotype humour something just didn’t quite work.

Kevin Hart’s performance may have saved the film in the one funny scene out of the whole thing. As Darnell (Kevin Hart) is getting James (Will Ferrell) ready for prison he stages a scene where he plays three characters interacting with each other. This was a fantastic piece of physical comedy and was the only part of the film that made me laugh. This was the scene in which Kevin Hart’s character became the straight line and it was a lot better than when Will Ferrell’s character was the straight line. Will Ferrell is great, but as stated above this film just feels like everything else he has done, is it possible that I am tired of him as an actor? Maybe it just wasn’t the correct project for him. Or it was the correct project for him and he had a fanboy director who wanted to see the same Will Ferrell as always.

Technically the film is nicely shot, but nothing special – although I never go in to a comedy expecting the best shot film of the year – they clearly made good use of their space, time and money when shooting this film which is great as some films get that completely wrong. I have no complaints other than the writing and maybe some of the acting.

If I were you, I wouldn’t rush to see this film unless you can stand another 100 minutes of Will Ferrell doing Will Ferrell. Just watch Anchorman…or Zoolander, Zoolander is great (Due to him not playing an innocent character).


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