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Being a MASSIVE fan of Jemaine Clement, Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi it is safe to say I had extremely high expectations for this film – expectations that were actually exceeded. If you are a fan of comedies then you should definitely give this film a watch (even if you don’t like it at least you experienced a different kind of comedy…right?) here is the trailer to give you an idea of what it is about:

When hearing the words “vampire mockumentary” instantly we get hundreds of hilarious scenarios the vampires could be involved in flying around in our heads – this is how you know the concept is fantastic. Not only do I imagine the scenarios, but most of them are actually featured with in the film..and more that I would never have thought of making it one of the funniest films I have ever watched.  Flight of the Conchords fans and Eagle vs Shark fans should 100% watch this film, you will love it…trust me.

What we do in the shadows is a vampire mockumentary where we follow vampire flat mates Deacon, Viago, Vladislav, Petyr and new vampire Nick around in the lead up the the “Unholy masquerade” (an exclusive ball for the undead community) the results are hilarious and somewhat nostalgic to past vampire films.

The best thing about What we do in the shadows is the writing and portrayal of the characters, each actor managed to capture the essence of their role and make each vampire, werewolf or human truly unique with in and with out the film with intelligent nods to Nosferatu, The Lost Boys, Dracula and other vampire films. In Fact the vampire Petyr pretty much takes on the whole look of Nosferatu which arguably shows the film makers awareness of Nosferatu fans.

One of the best additions to the film are the pictures of the vampires together throughout the years because it gives us enough background on their relationships to really understand the film and humour in it (there are also a lot of nods to earlier vampire films with in the pictures).

What We Do in The Shadows was an independent film so taking that in to account this film was incredibly well shot as well as written, with special effects, hair and make up not going a miss either. If anything I would say that having a lower budget than most comedic films get nowadays benefited this film because it hasn’t been “hollywoodised” and the humour is all genuine to the people making the film. A film is funnier when the people making it genuinely believe and understand the humour.

Awards are all well deserved and I hope to see more content from this team soon.

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