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It’s been quite a while since I have updated the goals I have for this blog and I think it’s important to keep refreshing these goals on a regular basis because a lot of them get met quickly or don’t seem as important a month later. It’s also partly to keep my motivation up (not that I’ve ever lost it) because sometimes it feels like a lot of work to write a post – not that I’m complaining.

So here as my updated goals for this blog.

1. Gain a larger social media following.

With out a following it can feel pretty lonely here on the internet so my aim for the end of this year is to get to at least 500 followers on Twitter, 300 likes on Facebook and 300 wordpress followers. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s where I hope to be by December. Numbers aren’t everything, but having more people to engage and share my opinions with would lead to larger and more stimulating conversations for us all – and hopefully a few debates.

2. Get up to 50,000 views

Right now I am on over 26,000 views on my blog so this goal seems quite reachable, but it’s the little things that keep us going. I’ll feel great when I get to that number, just as I did when I reached 25,000.

3. Connect more with readers

This is largely related to my first goal, but I find that sometimes I can be a little bit unsociable (both in real life and on the web) so I will be making more of an effort to engage with you all and hopefully get some great intellectual dialogue going so I can learn new things and maybe teach others things they didn’t know before.


Author: Jodie Paterson

I’m Jodie Paterson, a 23 year old Edinburgh based blogger who is passionate about blogging, writing, social media and photography. Currently studying Events Management at University, blogging still remains a large hobby of mine.

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