My Recurring Dream

It’s not like me to post about my dreams in such a public manner, however this one frequently appears and I still can’t figure out what it’s supposed to mean despite having searched through dream meaning websites and books. Can any of you help me decipher the meaning of my recurring dream?

It starts with myself and a group of four other people getting handcuffs put on by two separate police officers, but the handcuffs look more like joined bracelets and can easily be taken off. Two of the group attempt an escape by running away and one of the police officers chase them then I take to opportunity to point forward and say “Shouldn’t you be chasing her” and the other police officer runs off to chase the other two as well. So the remaining three of us shake off the handcuffs and run in to a bedroom – hiding under the bed. At some point I realise that this isn’t a good place to hide and run in to one of the other rooms, watching the other two get caught by the police and taken away. I wait for the police to leave and go back through to the bedroom.
It doesn’t stop there. Suddenly I hear people talking about Cheetah’s and discussing where I am and how they can get me. Time passes and I brave the hallway, as I begin to walk towards the front door I notice a hood looking down from the attic and just as I begin to query it two people (who just happen to be Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous) drop it on my head and say “put it on”. So I put it on and they hold out their hands as if to pull me up in to the attic, but I can’t reach them and go through to another room where lots of people are hanging out. That’s when I always wake up.
Does anyone have ANY idea what this dream might mean?

Author: Jodie Paterson

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