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TV Reviews: Sneaky Pete – Pilot

My original intention was to watch the first episode of this show without reviewing it, but then I remembered that it was a pilot episode and might not be brought further and…I need to see more. Sneaky Pete is an Amazon Instant Video original and my goodness are Amazon stepping up their game (presumably to compete with Netflix). It’s well shot, has great acting and an incredible premise.

With a cast led by Giovanni Ribisi and starring Bryan Cranston you can tell that this show would be entertaining anyway, but let me tell you that it is the only new show I have watched this year (other than Grace and Frankie – which is also a great watch) that has genuinely drawn me in and had me craving more. The pilot episode is fantastic, it has criminals, deceit, family and even flashbacks to childhood.

I don’t want to say very much about the plot because of spoilers but the basic idea is that a prisoner, Marius, has to stay low for a while after his release from prison so he assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete and takes refuge at Pete’s grandparents house (obviously posing as Pete – his family haven’t seen Pete for 20 years).

In normal circumstances Marius/Pete would NOT be a likable character, but Giovanni Ribisi really proved his acting talent by turning this deceitful criminal in to someone I actually enjoy watching, someone I feel for. I can’t say much about Bryan Cranston as he was in it for all of 2 minutes, but those 2 minutes were great! All of the acting was great and made the whole show believable.

I urge you to watch this show. You will not be disappointed – even if you’re only watching it for Cranston…I am sure you’ll love his character.


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