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The thing I wish to address first about this film is it’s title, I feel like it’s an incredibly forgettable title and therefore wouldn’t have done so well at box office (or in general) despite it having big stars like Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in it. In saying that I also feel it important to mention how fantastic this film is, it really shows that you can create something special if you get the right people involved. I would say that this film is the hidden gem of the past year.

She’s funny that way starts out with Isabella Patterson (Imogen Poots) in an interview with a journalist, she is giving details of her former life…which is the rest of the film. So we see a man (Owen Wilson) in a hotel room trying to order a call girl “Glow”. Glow turns up and they spend a great evening/night together, after sex the man offers Glow $30,000 if she will pursue her acting career and stop being a call girl. She accepts the offer. All is great and the man goes back to his wife.
It is revealed that the man is Arnold Albertson, an established director who is about to embark on a new Broadway project with his wife Delta (Kathryn Hahn) and her ex-lover Seth Gilbert (Rhys Ifans). We see them holding auditions for the part of a call girl in the play and who should turn up but Glow..A.K.A. Isabella Patterson. The rest of the film shows all the characters dealing with the fact that Isabella used to be a hooker. (This is a very vague description of this super packed film…I could go in to further details, but I will cover it all when talking about the acting.)
As stated above I think this film is fantastic. The writing was amazing, the directing and producing made a positive impact and my goodness was the acting fantastic. The writer/director of this flick Peter Bogdanovich teamed up with Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach and that came across quite strong, in a positive way. I get the feeling that Bogdanovich admired Anderson’s iconic style of film making, but wanted to add his own twist to it…which he managed. It had the fast pace and slightly toned down colour scheme of a Wes Anderson film mixed in with a much more traditional way of film making and it worked so well.
Every single actor/actress in this film exceeded my expectations. I am not a particular fan of Imogen Poots, but I have to say her performance in this film blew me away, I think she was the perfect choice to lead this cast and the chemistry between her and Owen Wilson was fantastic! Jennifer Aniston played an angry therapist and she was such a great addition to the film and played the part so well. Rhys Ifans was great (as always), but I feel I have to give my “best actor/actress” award for this film to Kathryn Hahn – she managed to achieve the perfect level of neurotic for the role, especially after she found out her husband had been sleeping with many call girls. There were even small roles in the film that were great – Joanna Lumley plays an alcoholic therapist who we see briefly and Quentin Tarantino plays a boyfriend of Imogen Poots (which I have to say threw me off a bit, in a good way).
The music complimented what was happening on the screen perfectly and felt very tradition Wes Andersony which was nice. Anderson and Owen Wilson have collaborated on every Wes Anderson film there and I hope they continue to because I can not get enough of the characters Wilson and Anderson portray together. I strongly recommend this film.
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