MyPhotoSchool – Week 1

I was recently given the opportunity to partake in a MyPhotoSchool online photography class run by Michael Freeman for free as long as I blog about it. The course I have been enrolled on is “Michael Freeman’s Perfect Exposure Masterclass” It started last Wednesday and lasts for 8 weeks with a new lesson every 2 weeks.

So far my experience has been great, all of the participants and Michael Freeman himself are very communicative and willing to offer support when needed. I haven’t yet handed in my first assignment, but will update you when I have and received feedback. At the moment I highly recommend this course to any one who is interested in Photography, Michael Freeman is so knowledgeable on the field and is very active replying to comments. To give you a little taster of the course here are the details of my first assignment, I have two weeks to complete all assignments and Michael Freeman reviews them himself.
Assignment 1.1: Judging scene contrast (3 images)
Find and photograph three different scenes. One should be normal in the sense that you want it to be averagely bright, the second should be a scene that you want to present as dark, and the third should be one that you prefer to be bright. You can bracket exposures for safety if you like, but aim to expose each of them so that they need no correction in processing. In the assignment notes say what method you used for exposing the dark scene as dark and the bright scene as bright.
Assignment 1.2: Choosing an appropriate metering method (3 images)
Choose three scenes or situations that allow you sufficient time to photograph them with each of the metering methods that your camera offers (for instance, smart metering, centre-weighted, centre circle and spot). Shoot each of them with each method, then compare the results. Note the differences and upload to the classroom what you consider the best/most appropriate result for each scene—in other words, three images in total. In the assignment notes say why you made this final choice.
Assignment 1.3: Choosing a preferred exposure/shooting mode (2 images)
Choose two different scenes or situations that allow you sufficient time to photograph them with the three different exposure modes Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual. One of these scenes should have depth so that the depth of field is important (you can choose whether to go for shallow depth of field with a wide aperture or extended depth of field with a small aperture). The second scene should include movement so that the shutter speed is important. For each of the two scenes, shoot in each of the three modes. In the assignment notes, say what advantage and disadvantages you found for each mode. Upload the image shot with what you found to be the most appropriate mode.
You can check out details about the course here:

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