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Tom Hardy stars in this film depiction of the Kray brothers and he’s pretty much the best thing about the film. It’s not a bad film, it just won’t stand out amongst the other films released this year, what will stand out is the incredible acting from Hardy – I would say the story, but it’s been standing out for years as The Kray brothers were real so it wouldn’t be fair to rate this film on it’s story.

Now I won’t go in to details about the Kray brothers as I don’t wish to patronise anyone. Legend focusses on the personality differences and clashes of the brothers, the marriage of Reggie. The film gives an informal insight in to what it’s like being married to a respected criminal which is nothing new to the cinema, but it was done well. Emily Browning played Frances (Reggie’s wife) and gave a forgettable performance, although I believe that to be deliberate as she is referred to in the film as living like a “ghost”. The best acting of this role in the film was when Frances had interactions with Ronnie Kray and at her wedding. Emily Browning has a history of playing quite headstrong characters and this is no different, perhaps it’s time she branched out and showed us all what she can give, perhaps this role just didn’t offer her the chance to shine.
Tom Hardy shines above everyone else and that’s not just because he was playing both of the brothers, but because he did an incredible job at portraying both. I will forget a lot of this film, but I will not forget Hardy’s performances. Again I much preferred the portrayal of Ronnie to Reggie, although he possibly just has a more intriguing story due to being an openly gay paranoid schizophrenic. If nothing else watch this film to see Hardy shine.
It was obviously very clever film making due to Hardy playing both the brothers who are in a lot of scenes together, but this is a very well put together film even if you forget that fact. The timing of the music, lines and gunshots are perfect. The lighting is fantastic and there is some amazing cinematography in there. In a scene near the end of the film Reggie Kray is walking down an alley only lit by lamp posts and his cigarrete, it created a silhouette effect and really worked in the scene because he was, at that point, a mere shell of a man.
There were many great actors in this film, but unfortunately few of them stood out in these roles. It was great seeing Christopher Eccleston and Colin Morgan in a film of this nature as they are best known for British television and they are probably more notable characters in the film, however I feel they lacked in their performances. Hopefully we haven’t heard the last of them though. David Thewlis again didn’t wow me, but it was nice seeing him. I will tell you something though, Taron Egerton is going places, I feel like he is an actor to look out for, you probably know him from Kingsman in which I also enjoyed his performance, but he was great in Legend as well – he will go far. And of course I will say it again…TOM HARDY IS INCREDIBLE IN THIS FILM.
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