All Hallows Eve

As barriers open we’re exposed for a night

The spirits are freed and show all their might

Trapped, as we are, in this great mighty plight

They fill all our dreams to the brim with fright

Fake witches and vamps take over the world

Hiding true horrors that soon seem quite gnarled

Lost from reality we find a new world

Little do we know we’ll still feel unfurled

Home is no longer a safe lonely palace

Spirits will loom, and they’ll come with malice

It will not be safe to drink out of your chalice

As ghosts and ghouls will only show callous


Author: Jodie Paterson

I’m Jodie Paterson, a 23 year old Edinburgh based blogger who is passionate about blogging, writing, social media and photography. Currently studying Events Management at University, blogging still remains a large hobby of mine.

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