Film Reviews: Suburban Gothic

Suburban Gothic is about Raymond (Matthew Gray Gubler), a man-child with a prestigious MBA who can’t find work. Forced to move back in with his parents he begins experiencing the supernatural occurrences he remembers experiencing as a child, turns out it is a vengeful ghost attempting to communicate with him. With help from his friend Becca he solves the mystery of the spirit terrorising him.

This comedy horror is both unique and entertaining, sporting humour that is rarely found in film – it felt like the humour found in Judd Apatow’s films – mixed with genuine unfiltered horror. A great premise pulled off really well with great people. The comedy in particular stands out over the horror elements of the film which works really well.
Both Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings compliment the humour with their understated performances and on-screen chemistry. Ray Wise shone as an angry coach dad and Barbara Niven as an overbearing mother. Every performance in this film was a great addition to the overall concept. Raymond as a character felt very relatable as someone who is struggling to get a job and with childhood troubles, not to mention his parents putting too much pressure on him – definitely one for the millennials.
The special effects and cinematography were both great, but the supernatural elements felt underdeveloped despite the decent special effects. Presumably this film was first and foremost a comedy because there is so much witty dialogue and very little horror. Although the horror scenes that are in the film were fantastic and professionally done. Costumes in this film were “on-point” and very unique. It’s often great when comedy and horror are mixed in the way they are in Suburban Gothic.
A great film for people who are just getting in to horror and struggle watching scary scenes because it has the perfect comedy relief. Although not a “mainstream” film it is very entertaining. If you like witty humour and cheesy horror scenes, this is probably the film for you.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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