Film Reviews: The Hateful Eight

It’s always great when Tarantino brings out a new film because we know exactly what we’re in for – violence, bad language and great speeches. The Hateful Eight is no exception to this. This is Tarantino trying his hand at Westerns and very much succeeding.

The Hateful Eight is a Western about Bounty Hunters and criminals. It starts with the journey to a town to hand in bounties, but a snowstorm hits and they bounty hunters find themselves stuck in a cabin with some mysterious people. Needless to say (without spoiling anything) stuff goes down, everyone gets injured.
The first half of this film doesn’t feel like a Tarantino film. There are great speeches, lots of swearing (particularly use of the n word) and some light violence, but incredibly tame for Quentin. It honestly felt like the whole film was going to be a normal western, but in great fashion everything ties together in the second half and the normal violence we know Tarantino for revealed itself.
There are some great performances in this film, two particular stand outs were Jennifer Jason leigh who was barely recognisable and Walter Goggins. Samuel L Jackson was pretty much how you’d imagine him and Kurt Russell gave an alright performance…nothing worthy of an Oscar though. Tim Roth was great. My favourite part of the film was Channing Tatum’s surprise appearance.
As always with Tarantino this was a fantastically shot film. My favourite shots in the film were the ones of the carriages struggling through the snow as they are very aesthetically pleasing. Great use of colour and sound was used throughout the film.
Speeches are always a big part of Tarantino’s film which is great because it gives the actors time to show off their abilities. The Hateful Eight featured many that were all written very well and performed with great ability.
With all the praise about this film it could still be considered fairly predictable as the characters we met in the cabin were clearly not who we were supposed to think them to be. Although one of the characters shocked with an appearance (Jody) it was still obvious that the others were there to save Domergue from the Bounty Hunter.
In conclusion this is a great film with some decent acting, but did feel a tad predictable.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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