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The Revenant is a revenge story inspired by true events and based partly on the novel by Michael Punke. Set in the 1820’s, we follow a frontiersman as him and a hunting team go on a fur trading expedition. We watch as he fights for his own survival after being mauled by a bear, losing his son and being betrayed by his own hunting team only to miraculously rise from it all and avenge his son’s death.

Alejandro González Iñárritu directs this stunning film which is close to faultless. Now the film is nominated for 12 Oscars including best actor, best supporting actor, best cinematography and best director and it deserves them all. Leonardo Dicaprio should definitely get his Oscar this year. You will leave the cinema absolutely speechless at the sheer beauty of this film, both because of the cinematography and because of the acting.
There is not one performance that lets this film down every single actor is breathtakingly fantastic, but Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy both give one of the best performances of their entire career. Dicaprio was phenomenal in every scene and incredibly so considering the weather conditions he was working in, his dedication to this role really shone through.
The dynamic between Dicaprio and Hardy was absolutely perfect in the film and really created the tension required to maintain suspense throughout the film. This also goes for the dynamic between Gleeson and Hardy.
Will Poulter was fantastic, it was great to see him in such an intense role. Domhnall Gleeson was great as well, as the leader of the hunting team you could really feel the authoritarian aspect of the characters personality. Domhnall Gleeson is highly underrated as an actor as this film proves.
The story works really well because in every fight scene or life risking scene you genuinely have no idea if the characters will live. Normally we know the “hero” will survive, but in these circumstances there is no safety blanket for us to take comfort in, this makes the last fight in the film particularly nail biting. In fact there are many times in The Revenant where the main characters nearly dies and every single time you think “that’s it”, but there is always a logical reason he survives which is great.
Emmanuel Lubezki really outdid himself with the cinematography in The Revenant, after Birdman (2014) it didn’t seem like he could top his efforts, but this is one of the most incredibly shot films we have had in years. Emmanuel and Alejandro are a great combination.
Not only do you genuinely feel cold because of the colours used in the film, but you are also stunned by the incredible use of countryside and filming techniques. Not to mention how stumped many people are about how the bear scene was done. Even the stills from the film are breathtaking.
It’s really difficult to find the words that could do this film justice because it is better than words could possibly describe, it is one of the best films from the past five years.
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