Using up our Emotional Balance

May 6, 2016

Each and every one of us has an emotional balance, a balance of emotions that is used up every day through contact with other people. As with banks, if we use up too much of our balance we will be over-drafted meaning we will be using up more emotional balance than we can mentally handle. This will cause us to feel exhausted, groggy and maybe even stressed. There is no shame in admitting that your balance has been used up because if you don’t you will not be presenting the best version of yourself at social events and others will get the wrong idea of who you are as a person.

Keeping our emotional balance stable is important for our mental well-being, but can be very difficult to do. Generally, as human beings, we don’t like letting people down so agree to do more than our mental capacity can handle – this becomes a problem when you overdo it and become stressed trying to keep up with everything. Apply this to the workplace as well and you may realise why everyone around you complains about being tired all the time.

The trouble with today’s society is that everyone expects so much from us. We’re expected to work long hours for little money, we’re expected to be available to our friends 24/7, we’re expected to help others in amidst our own lives when in reality it’s just too much for us to mentally handle, and it needs to change.

If you feel like you need a break to rejuvenate, just tell someone. Your friends and family will understand so don’t be afraid to say no to hanging out with someone or cancelling on them because the reality is that everyone you know also needs that time to rest and recover from everything.

There is no shame because the world is stressful, we’re expected to get jobs, but to get those jobs we need experience that we can’t get until we have another job, we are told to study then told our qualifications are useless with out more experience when applying for “entry level” jobs,  and somehow throughout all of that we are still expected to pay off bills and student debt, then also told we need to rest.

Stress is the biggest issue in society and I feel like it can turn even the nicest people in to assholes. Say you were to meet the nicest person in the world on a day where they have used up all of their emotional balance, they are going to be stressed and probably angry because of that stress.

I guess what I’m saying is give people a break, and that includes yourself, if someone is rude to you it’s probably not your fault because the world doesn’t revolve around you and they are living in a high stress world where they are overworked, under-payed and lets face it, probably in debt.

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