I Was Late and The World Didn’t End

The people in my life know me as someone who is early or at least on time for everything, why is this? I like arriving in plenty of time to absorb my surroundings and grow comfortable before the “main event” begins. If I am ever late or “pushing it for time” I tend to act as if the world is going to end post-me arriving late. Here’s the headline: The world doesn’t end, and neither does my life- nor does anything even remotely bad happen for that matter. At least nothing bad that wouldn’t have happened regardless.
As a side note at this point: “I was late and the world didn’t end” would probably be the name of my book, if I were to write one now.

Recently I was part of a “Learning Lunch” at work discussing mindfulness and there was something said that really stuck with me because I’ve heard it once before, but find it difficult to implement in to my own life. If you’re running late and you’re stuck in traffic there is nothing you can do about it, sit back and relax. If you’re stuck at a red light don’t think “bleeding red light” and get angry think “Oh the lights red” and save yourself any unnecessary stress. Sit back, turn on the radio and relax before getting in to the stress of the rest of the day.
The idea of mindfulness is really interesting because it teaches us to be more connected, not only to ourselves, but to the world around us too making the world a much easier place for us to live in. It makes us more compassionate, peaceful and accepting. It’s all about stepping back and realising where we are, what we have and how to handle it. Instead of getting riled up at a person think about why they are being what you consider “difficult” or “annoying”, are you being intolerant? As someone who has been on both sides of this I can almost guarantee the person annoying you feels just as awkward as you do in the moment.
One of the biggest things I feel I can gain from mindfulness is remembering that everyone is different and although I may not get on with someone that doesn’t make them a bad person, even if all I have seen of them is negative. They are probably really nice people who are having a bad day, or feel awkward in my company because of something I am giving off. I want to be one of those people who everyone feels comfortable around.
I am sure there is no surprise to any regular readers of this blog that I am interested in mindfulness, half of my posts naturally edge to the ideas of mindfulness or similar.This will not change as I feel I am a naturally mindful person who has lost their way slightly.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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