Film Reviews: Finding Dory

Where to begin with this one…This heartwarming Pixar film will not disappoint fans of the original Finding Nemo film. Although the plot is similar in intent as Finding Nemo the overall feel is different because it’s based around a different character.

Sequels are generally risky “only made for the money” films, but Pixar seem to have a handle on what they are doing, almost as if they view the characters as being totally real and genuinely just want to tell their stories which is admirable as many studios would only do it for the money and churn out any old rubbish. Plot won’t be mentioned much from here on out as it is a simple “fish finds family” tale, but there will be talk of deeper meaning as Finding Dory is riddled with it.

Pixar has really strong writing in the majority of their films and this one is no exception, the subtle jokes and subtextual sentences were perfectly fitting with the overall feel and message of the film.Of course, a lot of content is recycled from Finding Nemo, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I guess?

One of the biggest notable praises this film should receive is that, unlike most films, there is no romantic connection between the main character and any supporting characters, or any obvious romantic connection full stop.This is something Finding Nemo also didn’t have. This film is great because it highlights the importance of family, extended family and friendships rather than “every girl needs a prince” or “marriage defines us”. It also teaches that we should appreciate what we have on front of us right now rather than focussing solely on the past happiness we felt.

The animation is fantastic (as always) and young Dory is the most adorable fish in existence. I do really like that they didn’t just give Dory character development, but both Nemo and Marlin also get a good chunk of character development – notably Marlin learns to eat his own words – and it really wouldn’t be the same film without them developing as well. Nostalgia is obviously a huge part of  lot of people’s feelings for this film and honestly, it won’t ruin any childhood.

Finding Dory will make you smile, laugh, cry and appreciate what you have more than you do now. This really is a fantastically feel good film that will stay with you and definitely worth a second watch (or more).



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