Being “So Young”

August 2, 2016

Far too frequently I am told that I am “so young” and that I have “so much life to live”. Both of these things are true. However, the problem lies in the fact that people think that I am incapable of knowing or doing certain things because of it. This of course is not the case, I am perfectly capable of knowing and doing many of the things people think I can’t, but I have to wonder; surely experiencing those things would be a learning experience? And isn’t going into a situation blind a good thing?

Recently a good friend told me that I was 18 mentally, despite my actual age being 20. In my opinion I am older than 20 mentally, but I guess he sees the part of me that hasn’t had a chance to live yet, the repressed, easily frightened and inexperienced little girl hiding in the darkness of my personality waiting for her moment to shine. Her time will come, probably when people stop putting me down by thinking I won’t /can’t do something.
The big problem comes when people think I am the exact same person I was when I was a teenager. “Oh, Jodie would never do that” is another thing I hear far too often, generally in reference to things I would love to try/experience, but hearing others say it means I don’t get the offers or opportunities to progress because young people have me trapped in a bubble. I call it the “Assumption Bubble” where people assume that because of my age, or past things I have said/done I won’t participate in their “antics”. One of the big things this affects is my stories. All my stories are boring because I lead an incredibly safe life with very little risk.
Things are changing. I’ve got a young friend, the aforementioned friend who says I’m 18 mentally, who pushes me to do the things I would never normally do (he knows who he is and I am super thankful for him in my life). I can not stress the importance of having a friend like this. If you want to leave the bubble get a friend who instead of sheltering you from the things everyone else does drags you, willingly, into them because believe me, leaving the bubble is important for your personal character development. We can’t live our whole lives wrapped up in a bubble, otherwise, we’ll feel like we wasted them.

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