Film Reviews: American Honey

American Honey is a coming-of-age story about a Texas teenager who leaves behind a miserable life to join a travelling group of young door-to-door magazine sellers to find her feet and live a better life.

This is a stunning take on young adulthood in America. We see Star in an abusive household looking after kids that aren’t even hers. With aspirations to leave and create a better life for herself she leaves that home to pursue a new adventure with travelling sales people. What we see next is a tour of America the way young adults would view it in an unapologetic tale about a girl trying to find herself.
Music, imagery and cinematography were impeccable and very much in accordance with the style of film Andrea Arnold was going for. Although 2hours and 43minutes long, the film didn’t drag due to a well orchestrated mix of the above things and the acting. Although the story was somewhat lacking in content what we got was a beautiful story about a young woman blossoming in her prime expertly plays by Sasha Lane.
The best thing about this film was seeing new talent on the big screen and allowing them to show off their talent alongside a talented and well established actor. Sasha Lane who played Star really shines (sorry for the pun) bright in this role, there are big things to come from this talented actress. Shia LaBeouf is another who shines in this film as his character, Jake, develops a sort of relationship with teenage Star and causes her to feel young love.
It’s so rare to see such an artistic and true to life telling, holding nothing back, of a story in mainstream cinemas. It’s not one to see with your kids, but definitely give it a watch. If nothing else it’s different to all the other films out there.

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