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Doctor strange is about a Doctor, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who’s like is turned upside down when he is involved in a car accident that prevents him from using his hands. In order to gain back control of his hands he travels to seek a solution traditional medicine couldn’t offer him. What he discovers is a world of sorcery that forces him to make a decision between re-gaining use of his hands and returning to his life of fortune or defending the world.

As far as Marvel films go, this one seems to have a more thought out plot and more meaning than most of the other Marvel films of late. It talks of multiple universes, magical powers and how one person can’t defend the world alone. This is certainly psychedelic and has an interesting idea with out losing the usual Marvel action. It’s a good mix of action, humour and confusion.

Although we aren’t technically told WHY these people can harness power and use it to their disposal it’s easy to accept it quickly and get immersed in the world where relics choose you and you can leave in a hurry ending up anywhere you can clearly imagine. If anything it’s a world you wish you had access to so you can escape your own mundane reality.

Benedict Cumberbatch leads a star cast including Tilda Swinton, Rachel Mcadams, Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen. Cumberbatch’s character was American and he pulled off the accent well, as always Cumberbatch was fantastic. Swinton was mesmerising, I felt drawn in to her performance by her hypnotising performance. Everyone else was up to standard as well.

The film was entertaining  with some good jokes (and some overused jokes), great action and psychedelic effects. This honestly is the best marvel film I have seen in a long time, probably due to the comics being some of my favourite. I often find Marvel boring, predictable and churned out, but this felt meaningful, interesting and unpredictable.

It had, for a short period, a feel of Inception in the scene where the sorcerers can control the are around them to move as they wish. They manipulate their surroundings to give others a disadvantage.

In conclusion this is an entertaining, psychedelic and interesting film  conceived from an interesting idea and is definitely worth a watch.




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