Film Reviews: I, Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake, an ill carpenter finding himself in desperate need of state welfare, meets single mum of 2 Katie who has found herself in a similar situation. This film provides a realistic portrayal of the struggles many people find when trying to claim the benefits they need to live a normal and healthy life and how difficult they make it for the older generation who don’t know newer technology that well.

I, Daniel Blake will make you cry, laugh and even get you feeling angry about the way the government currently works. Please, please watch this film to get an honest insight on the current state of affairs in Britain. Poverty, health and desperation are all discussed in an intelligent and truthful manner with out offending. I am not normally one to discuss politics on my blog but this film shows the harsh reality of the current benefits system that favours the rich and shits on the poor.
Ken Loach has always has a style of filmmaking I relate to, and this is no different. It’s shows the indignity of not being able to work and is incredibly powerful. Essentially, by the time any kind of positive change is made it’s often too late for people in severe poverty.
In the film a mother of 2 has to move her children away from everything they know because of the housing they were offered – that means taking them away from their friends and family to isolation and further poverty.
Every actor in this film was so natural and sold the fear and depression really well. Stand out performance was Hayley Squires as Katie, the single mother of 2, she gave a moving and realistic performance – there was a scene where she was at the food bank getting food and she opened a can of beans and started to eat them because she was so hungry, then started crying, this was fantastic and very very well acted. Dave Johns as Daniel Blake has the same effect also, he made it feel almost like a documentary.
If you get the chance please go and see this film, it discusses important issues that are often ignored and is entertaining in the process. Prepare yourself for a huge reality check, though.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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