Film Reviews: Nocturnal Animals

In this haunting story we see Susan Morrow, Amy Adams, an art gallery owner in a worn out second marriage. She receives a proof of her ex-husbands book “Nocturnal Animals” (later revealed that he used to call her a Nocturnal Animal) and is plagued by the themes in the novel that can only be interpreted as a veiled threat in among a gruesome revenge tale.

Tom Ford tells this story beautifully in a film that feels like David Lynch meets Hitchcock meets Stanley Kubrick a.k.a. The perfect artistically visual, suspense filled thriller where no scene felt out of place and there was nothing missing that would have added to the story. This is a truly magnificent visual masterpiece that in years to come will be considered one of the greats.
The cinematography in this film is to die for. Seamus McGarvey is a very talented man who has worked on many films, but I feel like his collaboration with Tom Ford has resulted in a mind blowing effect of beauty, mystery and deceit through a camera lens.  A wonderfully stunning story that deserved to be told through the medium of film.
Amy Adams leads this star cast with a stellar performance as Susan Morrow, she is the perfect choice for this film because she shows a high amount of emotion through her face and eyes alone. Jake Gyllenhaal shines in this film playing 2 characters, the ex-husband and main character of the book, as always he manages to capture the characters perfectly and bring them to life in the way they deserved to be. He WAS those characters. Aaron Taylor-Johnson did a fantastic job playing a highly unpleasant character. All actors in this film fit perfectly in to the world Tom Ford managed to create.
Nocturnal Animals has the perfect use of silence at the end of the film. Absolute silence just showing the emotion in Susan Morrow’s face. Showing the scene exactly the way the character would have felt it and showing exactly what the character felt she deserved. Silence is used a lot in this film to create suspense and it is done perfectly each time. The music in the film was so subtle you forgot it was there which is exactly how it should be in a film of this nature.
In conclusion this is a very beautiful film that will, in time, be considered one of the greats. It is honestly the best mainstream film we have had in cinemas in a good few years.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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