Film Reviews: A Street Cat Named Bob

Film Reviews: A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob tells the story of a homeless, drug addicted busker who tries to change his life for the better. In the beginning the road is bumpy, but after a woman takes a chance on him and he meets a very special companion, Bob, who helps him get clean for good he finally has the chance for a normal and decent life.

This is a great feelgood film that will make you feel as if anything is possible. It’s one of those films where the message and story around the film is better than the film itself, but the cat is very very cute. It’s a really great depiction of a true life event, it felt realistic, heartwarming and, at some point, saddening.

Luke Treadaway thrives in the role of James. He shows drug addiction at it’s very worst in a realistic manner and how great life can be with out it. There are scenes where he shows withdrawal symptoms from drugs as he attempts to get clean and he acted them tremendously well. The relationship between James and the cat, Bob, felt genuine. All the supporting character actors did a great job also, particularly Anthony Head as James’ father.

There was a really nice scene where James sees a drug dealer outside his house and goes out with the intention of buying drugs, but backs out and asks if anyone has seen his cat instead. It’s an important scene because it shows how much the cat helped him emotionally and also how difficult it is to stay away from drugs once you become addicted.

Poverty is shown very well here in the sense that he is genuinely counting out his penny’s and can’t afford food – £20 for medication for the cat was a big deal and later he is shown buying food for Bob instead of himself due to being poor.

The story was well constructed, everything seemed to flow smoothly and nothing felt out of place and it didn’t feel like any of the story was left out either. The original soundtrack was inspiring, beautiful and very fitting to the film, if anything it added to the overall feel of the character. The cinematography was nothing special, it was nice, but not spectacular.

In conclusion this is a feelgood cinema flick that is perfect for the Christmas season. It will make you feel happy, sad and leave you smiling. The cat, Bob, is very very cute and it shows a realistic portrayal of drug addiction, friendship and the difficulties of being poor.

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