Film Reviews: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is about Newt Scamander, Eddie Redmayne, a Magizoologist who travels to New York in order to return on of his many creatures to their hometown, however he runs in to some trouble when some of his “beasts” escape and he has to track them down again discovering much darker happenings within the city and proving himself as a talented and¬†worthy wizard with a very strong interest in saving the lives of magical creatures.

With a lot of expectation surrounding this film it HAD to be good, and it definitely was. We got an insight of how different places in the world view magic and it’s practices and, as with everything else, a different culture brings the subject matter in to a new light. This is a lovely refreshing way to delve in to the world that Rowling has created.
I am sure a lot of people expected another Harry Potter style film seeing as it’s in the same world and has the same writers/director, but it definitely didn’t have the same feel which is great as Newt Samander is from a completely different time and more than capable as a Wizard who is no longer in schooling. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them may very well turn in to it’s very own successful franchise based in the same world. This is very good because they could have relied on nostalgia and popularity of the Potter films alone, but they didn’t.
The story was fantastic, it introduced the character smoothly and showed his true capabilities in the sight of danger. It was gripping, entertaining and managed to maintain an element of surprise right until the end. Since we knew very little about Newt Scamander and the story that was going to be told around him it was nice to get such a relatable and lovable character.
Eddie Redmayne really brought the character to life in his portrayal. He did a great job of ¬†maintaining the shy and somewhat reclusive animal lover persona throughout. Colin Farrell played a really great bad guy trying to get Credence, Ezra Miller, to be on his side. All three seemed to fit in to the wizarding world perfectly and were fantastic throughout. I’d go as far as saying the entire cast did a great job of keeping the magic alive.
There is some truly fantastic CGI in this film, particularly in terms of creatures and magical beings. Most characters/beasts made using CGI seemed realistic and had almost seamless animation. This was possibly the most impressive thing about both the Harry Potter films and this one – that and the wardrobe. Costumes felt very 20’s in this film so definitely fit in with the correct era.
All in all this is a fantastic film that definitely lived up to expectations, if not exceeded them with great acting, CGI and scripting. A successful prequel to the Harry Potter films that could very easily become it’s very own franchise. With a killer cast and a great story line this is bound to be a very popular film.

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