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Sully is based on the true story about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and his emergency landing in the Hudson River on January 15th 2009 after his flight is struck by a flock of geese and the engines are completely ruined. The film shows how Sully copes with becoming a national hero after all of the 155 passengers and crew members survive the crash landing and the formalities that followed as he was accused of making the wrong decision. With his career and reputation on the line Sully sticks to his guns that he made the right decisions and ultimately gets proven right.

Directed by Clint Eastwood this film was very gripping and moving especially as you are watching it thinking “I can’t believe this actually happened, what an amazing man”. Eastwood managed to capture the true fear and panic that would have ensued on the plane and the panicked reactions of the people that were helping on land. He then accurately showed the invasive and isolating feeling of being hurtled in to the public eye whilst suffering with post traumatic stress disorder.
Tom Hanks really shines in this film, I would go as far as saying it is one of his best performances ever. Hanks subtle acting style really works with this character, the thing I love about Tom Hanks is he really managed to fit in to the shoes of his characters with out it feeling like he is acting – like I don’t think “Oh it’s Tom Hanks” I genuinely start thinking “Oh no, I hope Sully lands the flight”. Aaron Eckhart was the perfect co-actors for Hanks in this film, they had a good chemistry and both fitted the roles perfectly. The supporting cast were all great as well.
The structure of Sully was really good, there was nothing overshared and nothing that was noticeably¬†left out. It really felt like the whole story was told from Sully’s perspective which was great as often in films like this there would have been scenes of his family worrying that the main character wouldn’t know about, but the only time you see his family is when he phoned his wife. It was edited in a way that fitted in with this style as well, don’t tell what we don’t need to know, but just enough for the story to make sense. I believe this is because it is based on Chesley’s book, but it definitely worked on screen.
In conclusion this is a great film that accurately captures the events and emotions surrounding the events that happened when Captain Chesley Sullenberger had to land a plane in The Hudson River. With a perfect casting a great structure this is definitely worth a watch.

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