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Moana is the new Disney film about a teenager, who is the daughter of a Chieftain in Ancient Polynesia, called Moana who is always attracted to the call of the sea. As a child she is told about the curse that Maui has inflicted upon the world and as a teenager she is called by the sea to track down the demigod and help him make amends for his mistakes. Along the way she discovers amazing things about her ancestors and herself and inevitably saves her people from the curse.

This is a very intriguing plot line that works perfectly with the characters involved and has a very good message for children about not giving up and always following their natural instincts. In a very good move from Disney we have a completely different culture (from usual Disney flicks) displayed in a positive light and a girl who insists she isn’t a princess, but a soon to be leader with big ideas that will change her islands way of living.
Of course the thing that stands out in this film is the music by Lin-Manuel Miranda which is, honestly, all we could have asked for. It sticks in your head, it’s meaningful and the villain song is INCREDIBLE. The music also fits the overall feel of the film completely and the singing voices compliment the composition. One of the best Disney soundtracks in a while, in my personal opinion.
CGI is, as always with Disney, completely up to standard with what we would expect in 2016. I enjoyed the fact that the characters in the film were animated as normal and realistic sizes instead of being unrealistically skinny or overweight. Moana herself has a decent build compared to past Disney Princesses who have been unnaturally skinny in all parts of their bodies, it works because you can tell Moana is skinny because she’s so active, if you look at her arms they are a realistic size.
Another great message the film conveys is the fact that she is a strong woman with big ideas and the men, by the end of the film, seem to accept her as a powerful woman who can lead them to a better life. This is important for children because it shows that woman are just as capable of things as men are.
All in all this is a very strong Disney film that will teach children important lessons about not giving up, being true to yourself and the importance of heritage. The music is fantastic and fits the scenes perfectly and the CGI fits the expectations we have of animated films in 2016.

Author: Jodie Paterson

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  • Amazing review, Jodie… Now I think it’s indispensable for me to watch Moana… Loved the review as it’s too lovely in simply great words!!!!