2017 Blog Goals

January 10, 2017

Yes, it’s the time of year again where I set my self some blog goals to keep my motivation up with it. Goals that I hope to achieve by 2018, simple and hopefully achievable. I understand that I may not always be in the position to achieve my goals so I have tried to set realistic goals in order to avoid disappointment.

  1. Get 50,000 views. That’s 10,000 (and a bit) more than I have now so that is hopefully an achievable addition to my blog goals.
  2. Share more viewpoints. Last year turned in to mainly poetry and film reviews. I want to write more posts where I am talking about important things (like societal pressure or politics.)
  3. Engage more. This year I have lost the sense of talking to my audience and I want to re-gain it by writing more approachable and opinionated content.
  4. Get More Followers. A simple goal of getting more followers. preferably get my following up by 100-500 new readers so that my content is no longer just for me.
  5. Work On SEO. This is something I wasn’t overly aware of until this year, so plan to start reading all my old posts and optimizing them for SEO purposes. This helps my blog rank higher in search engines and is generally good practice for all bloggers looking for blog goals.

Goals are important for keeping yourself on the right track, which is why I recommend that you set yourself goals for many aspects of your life e.g. cooking, work, hobbies etc. It’s a great way to feel accomplished and lead a happier life, overall.

So those are my blog goals for 2017. What did you think of them? What are your blog goals for this year? Let me know below.

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