3 years of Blogging

April 3, 2017

Three years ago today I had the little idea of starting a blog to improve my writing and have a general outlet for my thoughts, now here I am older, more mature and with less time to reflect on things in life. Although I am finding it increasingly more difficult to find the time to post here, I still consider it one of my safe places. One of the places I can pour my heart out with no judgement.

Earlier this year I stated that I wanted to engage more with my audience and write more approachable and opinionated content. This is something I am still striving towards – even considering getting rid of some of my old posts and starting, somewhat, anew because although it’s exciting to have been running a blog for over 3 years I feel that a lot of my older posts don’t reflect my current thoughts and feelings seeing as I started this when I was a teenager.
It’s been a good three years on WordPress and I hope I can fit in 3 more.

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