From Teens to Twenties

April 9, 2017

In the 3 years I have spent running this blog I have gone through some pretty big life changes. Not only have I transitioned from being a teenager to what is, supposedly, considered an adult, but I have moved out from living with my parent, got a university degree, started a full time job, been part of a National Theatre of Scotland production and, most recently, found love. There is so much more to add to the list, but to condense it; a lot has happened and a lot has changed.

This blog started as a bored, young and somewhat naive college student looking to broaden her writing skills and share her unique perspective, but it has transformed in to the ramblings of a lost university graduate fumbling through life and trying to find where she fits in the world. With the changes in my life I have also altered the direction in which I would like to take my career, personal life and blog.
Although my passion for making films has dwindled I discovered a new passion for photography which has gotten me plenty of paid work since I started it. Despite still havingĀ an interest in film making I don’t think it fits in to my life at this moment in time, that’s not to say I can’t re-kindle my love for the art in the future, but for now in April 2017 I am putting it on hold in order to slow down, socialize and travel. There is no shame to admit that something isn’t right for your life at the moment when you are young, there is absolutely no reason you can’t pick it up again when you are a little older.
With everything I have learned in the past three years I feel I am much wiser than I was when I started this blog. I read back past posts and think “my goodness you were so young and had so much to learn” and although I still have a lot to learn I feel I am in a much better position now to share my opinions, thoughts and feelings with the world as I have more life experience and can actually give people half decent advice on topics whereas before I was shooting, somewhat, in the dark.
The biggest change I have noticed going from being a teenager to being in my twenties is that things matter to me so much less than they did before. I used to get offended if friends didn’t make effort with me, but now I see it’s that we’re all busy with our lives and sometimes socialising isn’t plausible. As you get older you get too busy to sweat the small stuff and your priorities shift to more important things, like paying bills, work and down time.
Slowing down is something I have learned very very recently. I got myself so tired to the point that I had to let some hobbies go so I could actually have some time to relax and get some decent sleep. Getting older has made it more difficult for me to relax because I want to fit as much as I can in to my life as possible, however over the past three months I have been finding it a lot easier to take a chill pill and slow down, partly due to me realising how young I am and that I have an entire life ahead of me to fit everything in to.
My advice for any teenager fearing their twenties is to jump in to opportunities instead of avoiding them, even if they aren’t good experiences they are still experiences that will help shape you as a person. Don’t forget to socialise, sometimes it’s the thing you need to re-energise you and renew your lust for life. Fear less and live more, it’s actually not as hard as it seems. If you get offered to do something out of your comfort zone, at least attempt it – once again, even if it isn’t a good experience at least you tried, it can only shape you as a person.


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