I’m Confused

June 14, 2017

I’m confused in my own mind about where I want to be with this blog. In recent months I have started to forget the reasons I started this blog in the first place. It began as a way to improve on my writing and share my viewpoints, but life has been very different for me recently and it’s become something that’s more difficult to find the time for,  time is moving on quickly and it’s time for a change. It’s gotten to the point where blogging feels like a burden to me and that saddens me. The passion and love I had for blogging when I first started has been fading away and for quite some time I have been attempting to force back what just isn’t there. I’ve been holding on to what I thought made me happy for far too long and I’m ready to re-brand.

I feel as if I have grown out of the old scattered posts system I used to use and am ready to focus on one type of post rather than a few. This blog is at it’s very best when I am discussing topics I feel truly passionate about. Television and Film reviews are great fun, but I have always felt that mine lack a certain critical voice that I don’t think I will gain any time soon, so I will be stopping them from this point forward in order to focus on the things that I feel I can actually add something to. Poetry will also be stopped from this point forward, I really enjoy writing poetry and generally have had good response to it, but feel like I should be keeping it personal to myself instead of putting out there for the world to read.

The posts I will be continuing with are the ones that I think create the most discussions around them.  I feel that these are more beneficial to me as I will get create new discussions about the topics I feel passionate about, but I also think they are generally more interesting reads for you. Below are examples of the types of posts I will be continuing with.

I may also, however, continue posting my photography as that isn’t every week and is something I enjoy doing. These will be few and far between and used to share the photography I take that I feel is worth sharing with the public to showcase my talents.

This has been a difficult decision for me as I have done the same thing on this blog for over three years now but, as is evident from my lack of posting recently, it just wasn’t/isn’t working. My plan is to re-gain my original passion and motivation for the blog and turn it in to something so much better than it is now. You might also notice some layout changes in the next few weeks as I begin the transition from this point to my re-brand. I hope everyone can appreciate why I have chosen to do this and support me accordingly.

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