July 24, 2017

As someone who is a nervous traveller the idea of going on holidays or going away in general makes me very nervous – not that it stops me. This week I am travelling from Aberdeen to the Highlands to visit my boyfriends family and every moment up to getting on the train to Inverness had me totally panicked which is why I am inclined to steer clear of travelling.

I don’t know why I get so nervous travelling. It could be the thought of being late, or accidentally getting on the wrong train or even leaving a bag behind, but all I know is I get very stressed out to the point that I can’t concentrate on anything other than getting from A to B. When I am actually sat down on the transport I am fine which might explain why I am in the habit of turning up hours early for planes, trains and automobiles. (Obligatory film reference).
I have certain ways of dealing with my anxiety when travelling which are unique to me, but may help others or make some people say “well duh, doesn’t everyone do that?” I am talking about it because it makes travelling feel like a chore for me. I have to be extra prepared for everything and early just so I can even get on my way. I have seen myself booking transport then just not going at all because I wasn’t prepared enough.
So an hour and a half before travelling I have to at least be leaving on my way, even if that means stopping for coffee or food first because I am an hour early. Today I actually made my boyfriend leave around 2 and a half hours early so we could get lunch and be on time for our train. Spoiler alert: we made it on time.
At all times during travel my tickets/ID’s (Such as passports etc) must be visible to me, otherwise I have to search every 5 minutes to make sure I still have it. This is because I don’t want to be in a position where I have a crowd of people waiting behind me whilst I search for my tickets or ID (This is one of my pet hates when I am queuing). I don’t like attention when travelling so I try to avoid it at all costs and move through swiftly. I do this with my flat keys as well.
This might seem like really simple and obvious things for people, but it is so important to keep my anxiousness at an all time low otherwise there may be no trip at all. It took my boyfriend a little while to get used to it, but he now even gets me to the vicinity of where the transport is leaving from within the hour to make sure I am okay to travel and gives me the window seat so I can watch the scenery to relax.
As I sit here on my train I am calm and collected all because I was prepared and left in good time. Are you a nervous traveller? How do you cope?

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