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Staying motivated in this money-driven, material obsessed world can be so difficult. There will be days when you feel like nothing matters and you’ll think to yourself “why am I even trying when no one else cares”. The truth is that you’ve got to make people care about what you do. Staying motivated to get things done despite people not paying attention is difficult, but I’m here to share five top tips on how to stay motivated even through the hardest days.

1. Set Alarms

Setting tasks only works if you actually do them. Often we tell ourselves that a rest is fine and we can do the task tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and goes and we’re stuck in the vicious “tomorrow” cycle that halts creativity and progress. Alarms are a good way to prompt you to actually complete anything you need to do. If, like me, you work a job where you get home at the same time having a recurring alarm telling you to do something might help you stay on track.

2. Stay Active

Yes, I am sorry to say that keeping active and fit does help with motivation (says the girl who would rather lie in bed that go outside). Getting up and about will help your brain focus on the things that are important, it’s healthy to take walks, go jogging or even just cloud watching. It reminds you that, as difficult as the task is, it’s better to get it over and done with. You’ll feel more accomplished if you go for a jog and complete a task you’ve set yourself. (And definitely deserve a brownie).

3. Tell Your Friends

As silly as it sounds, having friends/partners/parents ask you how you’re getting on with things can make you get up and actually do them due to embarrassment, and if nothing else they can support you and kick your arse in gear if you’re becoming lazy. The most encouraging people in your life will be family, friends and partners so if you have that extra encouragement you’ll (hopefully) feel more inclined to do things.

4. Keep Going

Once you’ve completed one of your tasks, move on to another. Don’t get stuck in limbo waiting for the perfect opportunity that will never come. If your tasks for the day are to bake, do the washing and write, do the baking first, whilst it’s in the oven do the washing and then sit down to write with your baked goods. Don’t think “The washing can be done tomorrow” or “Maybe it’s too late for writing” these are excuses that get us nowhere. Don’t stop in your tracks, it’ll only slow you down.

5. Reward Yourself

Depending on how big the task is, give yourself a reward. This takes a lot of self will, but is a good tactic for those that have it. Done the dishes? Great, have that piece of chocolate calling your name and move on to your next task. Finished an essay? Fantastic, go to the cinema, treat yourself. If there is incentive to get the task done (which sometimes even the enjoyable tasks require) you’re more likely to complete it quicker and more efficiently. If it comes to it, have a friend or partner choose the incentive that’s only revealed once the task is completed.


Motivation is hard to maintain, hopefully with these five top tips you can hold on to it and keep that ball rolling. Do you have any other advice? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. I find it so hard to stay motivated but writing lists and being active in the morning does definitely help-although I often forget about the active part. Alarms are a fab tip too!
    Katie X

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