My Blogging Essentials

August 19, 2017
Blogging Essentials

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now so have picked up a few blogging essentials that help me write my content. I’m sure many of you have these essentials too, but if not I do recommend them as they seem to work a treat for me when I am writing. This post can apply to writers, bloggers or people who generally work from home on anything.

Blogging Essentials

1. A nearby supply of food and drink

Sometimes if you’re so deep in to writing a post or you’re work getting up and away from your desk or work station can seem like such a burden and I have seen myself forgetting to eat, but if you pre-plan and get you food ready before sitting down to work you will be able to eat whilst you work. Now I don’t drink coffee or anything, but I know a lot of other bloggers do so I would definitely recommend getting a cafetiere so you don’t have to get up when you’ve finished your cup.

2.  A Notepad and Pen

When I am typing up a post I have the habit of stopping now and then to think over what I am going to say next or how I could word things better. With a notepad and pen beside me I can doodle to help get the right words, or sometimes just doing it the old fashioned way can inspire the words for me. It also gives you the option of writing down other blog post ideas very quickly before continuing the one you’re working on.

3. A space of my own

I find it difficult to work in certain spaces. For example, I can work in coffee shops because they are fairly quiet, but sometimes there is a lot of chatter and I get distracted so I have recently set myself up a desk in my flat so that I can have my own quiet space to get in to the zone. This space is somewhere you can personalise and make 100% comfortable for your needs and I now find it to be an absolute blogging essential for me.

4. Being By Myself

Yes, this will be difficult for parents who blog, but generally I find it a lot easier to blog when I don’t have any distractions and I can focus solely on the work and not on everything else going on around me. Because I have a creative brain a lot of stimulation in one place makes my brain go in to overdrive and I will get distracted to the point that I’ll have 3 drafts and no finished posts. If you do find it difficult to be alone in your house, set aside an hour where you are completely alone, get your husband, partner or parent to look after your children or wait until they are in bed, kick your partner in to another room or tell them to go for a walk to get them out of the way, then get blogging.

5. Turn off Social Media

Social media is a big distraction as it is, but when you’re in work mode it becomes even more appealing to find out what Barbara is having for supper, or who’s got holiday pics on Instagram. Shut off from the world until you’ve gotten your work done. Going back on can be your reward for working hard. This is definitely one of my blogging essentials because I can spend hours updating my social media then realise it’s time for bed and I haven’t completed what I wanted to do.
So those are my 5 blogging essentials. Do you have blogging essentials? If not, I hope trying out mine can help you create a better, more flowing work space.

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