5 Tips for Living Alone

August 21, 2017
Tips For Living Alone

As exciting as moving out can be there is also so much to learn about your new found independence. I’ve been moved out of my mum’s place for over a year now and still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, but I am learning very quickly that certain things are a necessity. Where I failed in my last flat I have learned from and am not making the same mistakes in my new flat so these are the tips for living alone I wish I’d had when I moved out.

Tips For Living Alone

1. Bulk Buy Food

As someone who doesn’t drive I had (and still have) the habit of doing many little shops a week instead of one big shop a week. The problem with this is that you lose a lot of money and end up with a lot more food waste. The best way to do this is to plan your meals for the week and only buy what you need for those meals. This avoids wasted food and wasted money. As I said I still have a bad habit of this and I will be starting to plan my meals from now on. There may even be a new blog post about it.

2. Do a Weekly Clean

Not this is one of the most important of my tips for living alone. Instead of waiting until the mess becomes out of hand do a weekly clean and keep on top of everything, this is another thing I am trying to keep on top of in my new flat. Even if it doesn’t look messy or unclean, just give it a quick clean and you won’t be overwhelmed by the mess. The problem is that every time you say “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow” that so called tomorrow gets postponed again.

3. Phone Your Parents (Or Family)

Just for catch ups. Even if you have nothing to talk about hearing their voices will make you feel less homesick. This is particularly important in the first 3 months of moving out. Stay connected to them and you won’t feel as lonely, particularly if you’ve moved very far away. The other thing to do is try to visit them as often as possible, even if you don’t feel like you want to the comfort family provides is so much more important that you realise.

4. Learn to Cook

This will make your shops so much cheaper and your meals so much healthier. Have back-ups in case you don’t have time to do a full cook, but really there are very simple recipes you can follow to develop your cooking skills. Buying vegetables is much cheaper in the long run than buying ready meals every day, this is because you can get several meals out of a big bag of vegetables that costs the same or less that 1 ready meal. Admittedly this is something I only started recently, and believe me there will be some cooking disasters and that’s okay. It’s all a learning curve after all.

5. Make it Your own

If you make a place feel like your own you’ll take so much more pride in it and feel a lot more comfortable for you to stay in. Although it may not be where you spend most of your day, set up a lovely environment to go home to so you don’t dread going back to it. This also gives you something creative to focus on and is exciting to get initially set up. It will keep that “I’ve moved out” excitement going for a little while longer too which is always good.
So those are my tips for living alone. Do you have any more? Please share below!

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