5 “On a Budget” Date Ideas

August 28, 2017

Date ideas are tough to think of. If you’ve been seeing someone for a fair amount of time or are married the concept of taking your other half out on a date can be a stress. Not just because you’ve already pulled out all your best tricks, but also because of the cost. Although it is nice to dress up and go somewhere fancy, I am sure your partner would like even the simplest of dates too. Below you can find my 5 “On a Budget” Date Ideas. (Not that I am an expert…).

My 5 “On a Budget” Date Ideas

1. A Picnic For A Date

This is a really great way of treating your partner to something lovely and romantic with out breaking the bank too much. You can pick a nice park, beach or even just have a living room picnic. Living room picnics are the best because you can create an atmosphere in the room with candles etc. Any which way your love will appreciate the effort you have put in for them. When I threw mine for my partner it was in my living room, I made sandwiches and got hand foods, I put on candles and fairy lights and he loved it a lot.

2. Go to a Museum or Art Gallery

Even if you don’t normally enjoy stuff like that, it’s still an outing. Even if it means you end up making fun of the arts or exhibits together, it will still be a good time (not that I would make fun of art). And you never know, you might end up finding something new to do whilst travelling together (art galleries and museums). This costs no money and means you get to spend quality time together outside of the house/flat/roof over head situation.

3. Visit your local Arcade/Carnival

All you need for this is your loose change, search under the sofa, break in tot he piggy bank. This can be a very inexpensive way to spend time together. My partner and I get ice cream, watch for dogs, walk and go to the two pence machines in Aberdeen. For this to be enjoyable you only need a few 2ps and the great company your partner provides.

4. Karaoke

What can be better than watching your partner make a fool of themselves? Joining them. Karaoke is always a fun date idea. A lot of bars run karaoke nights, so it’s worth looking in to your local bars just in case. If you don’t feel like singing you can get a couple of drinks, sit back and enjoy other people murdering your favourite ballad.

5. Bake Together – A More Lowkey Date

Baking can be a really good way of relaxing and having fun with each other. That or you end up wanting to throttle one another, but it’s okay because the finished product makes up for everything. Bake some cookies together, it doesn’t take long. Grab a blanket, couple of candles and rent a film. Cuddle up with cookies, candles and a soppy romantic film and it will be a night to remember.

So there they are, my 5 “On a Budget” Date Ideas. What did you think of them? Any to add? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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