Dating In 2017

September 5, 2017
Dating in 2017

Although I have been in a relationship for almost the entirety of 2017, I am still aware and involved in the dating scene second hand through my friends and colleagues. The dating world seems to be so much trickier than meeting someone in a pub and making a connection, we essentially have to sell ourselves and have people judge us before even meeting us. Below are my tips for dating in 2017.

Tips To Dating In 2017

Don’t False Advertise

If you got a bar of chocolate thinking it was Cadbury’s and opened it to find out it was Galaxy Chocolate, you’d be mad. This is what dating is like. Don’t put a false wrapper on yourself, you won’t find anyone decent that way. If you want genuine, lovely people to go on dates with be yourself, they’re not worth it anyway if they’re not there for YOU.

Be Forward

Tell people what your intentions are. If you’re only there for sex, communicate that so no feelings get hurt. If by the end of the date you’ve decided they aren’t for you tell them so you save any stringing along. Be honest and open with them and there will be less dating drama to deal with each week. Most of all, if you like someone TELL THEM. Don’t let them string you along either. You are worth more than that.

Don’t Knock The Old Fashioned Way

Sometime it is better to meet someone naturally instead of online because you have no pre-conceived ideas of who you’re meeting. If you think someone is attractive, go and talk to them (within reason, don’t chat them up on front of their parents…:P) the worst they can say is no! The same goes for if you like a friend of a friend, reach out to them, express interest and back off if they don’t like you back.

Don’t Get Clingy

The worst thing after a date is someone who doesn’t get the hint. If you feel like you’re sending all the messages and not receiving any, it’s probably time to step back. If they want to make the effort they will (I know my beau did). Or sometimes they genuinely are busy with work etc. Don’t count them out because they don’t respond straight away, but also don’t send 10 messages in a row if they aren’t responding.

Make An Effort

Don’t do the whole “playing hard to get” if you’re interested send them a message asking to meet again, if they reply then great. If not move on. There is no shame in being the instigator, it might work out really well for you. They will feel so much more special if you make the effort to contact them as well as them you.

People From The Internet Aren’t Always Dodgy

Don’t shy away from internet dating. That’s how my mum and her fiancee met and how my partner and I met. In this day and age the internet is becoming the most common way to meet and trust me, not everyone is going to send you sleazy pictures or messages. You can make genuine connections and very likely will.
So those are my tips for dating in 2017. Do you have any others? Please share below.

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