Turning 22

September 11, 2017

Birthdays become less significant the older you get, it seems. Once you’re past the age of 21 people stop caring. Sure, you have your big birthdays like 30, 40, 50 etc., but in between those birthdays are just a normal day where people pay slightly more attention to you and occasionally you receive gifts. I know what you’re thinking “You’re only turning 22, what do you know?” Well I don’t. I’m just sharing things from my personal perspective.

So here’s the deal, birthdays when you’re growing up are great! Cake for breakfast (you did that too, right?), presents from everyone and a whole day about you. What more could you want? Well, for me, as I’ve gotten older cake for breakfast has become toast, I repel the thought of an entire day being focused on me, I’d rather people kept their money than buy me presents and I definitely DO NOT want a party. I want a quiet day with the people closest to me. It says a lot about me that the thing I’m looking forward to the most this birthday is setting up an appointment for a hair cut and making a recipe from a cook book I got from my grandparents.
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Nothing changes on or after your birthday, life continues as normal (unless you get a pet or something, then good luck to you.) I think this is part of my issue with celebrating birthdays, nothing significant has happened, I haven’t done anything. My mother did the hard work and now I get presents for it. Now I’m not complaining (because first world problems, am I right?) I’m just stating that it’s quite a weird tradition. You get presents for nothing and are expected to match the cost of those presents when the other person’s birthday comes. It’s an obligation, a nice one, but a weird one.
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22 is just like every other year. You don’t get anything special like you do for other birthdays. It’s a boring year (unless you like Taylor Swift, then go wild). Not just because you don’t get anything special, but because you’re becoming a proper adult. We work, pay bills and have responsibilities and often we are unsure about what the heck we want to do with the rest of our lives. 22 is an in between age that should be used for figuring things out. Look at jobs, get experience, have fun, gain independence, don’t waste it.
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When I tell people I’m only turning 22 they keep telling me that I’m “so young” and I have my “whole life ahead of me to figure things out”. I, however, don’t work like this and I’m sure many of you don’t either. I want to work hard, I want to be successful young, I want to keep going until my feet bleed. 22 for me will be a year of working hard to build things for my future. Saving up money, working on my blog, actually completing all the projects I’ve been procrastinating from. I’m going to make 22 a special year because I can. I want it to be the age I look back on and want to re-live, unlike every year up until now.
This special year, turning 22, starts with my partner moving in, a play in the works, a book idea, blogging ambitions, a YouTube channel idea and the desire to travel. This special year will end with a home having been made, a play having been written and performed, a completed book, a more successful blog, a new YouTube channel and a desire to travel more. Make your in between years count, they could become more special the the big birthdays.

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