The Struggles of being a blogger

September 17, 2017
Being a Blogger

Being a blogger comes with many struggles, from writers blog to spamming. ¬†Often bloggers won’t share the struggles they come across with blogging so I thought I’d put together a list for myself. This list kept growing and growing throughout the day and I couldn’t not share what I came up with. Here I list my top struggles of being a blogger!

My Struggles of Being a Blogger

When people quote you back to you

Just no. There is nothing worse that hearing your words quoted back at you. Especially when its your family or boyfriend trying to make a point. Nope.

Getting that AMAZING post idea then being distracted and forgetting what it was

This is the most frustrating thing EVER. You get this incredible post idea and then it’s just gone. It disappears from the creative part of your brain and both you and your blog suffer.

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Trying not to be “spammy”

Since I am proud of every single thing I post I want to share it all with the people I know. However I often find myself crossing the line between sharing and oversharing and that is when we, bloggers, become annoying. It’s not my fault I want you to read my content.

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Forgetting your family read your blog (sorry for swearing sometimes mum)

Sharing a risky joke or swearing on your blog is fine, until you remember your granny reads all your posts and might be disappointed in you. I apologise now for the times I have posted inappropriate stuff, and for the times in the future (including the swearing in this post…)

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When everyone has “suggestions” for your blog

“Maybe you could do this with your blog” “Have you thought about doing this with your blog” No Sandra, I haven’t thought about posting about gardening. If I wanted to do that I’d have a gardening blog. Ugh.

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Writers Block/running out of ideas

You know those times when you just can’t find ANYTHING to blog about and nothing seems to be giving you inspiration. All I can say is thank the lord for 100 blog posts ideas, I’d be lost with out them.

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Feeling Underappreciated

When you spend hours working on a post that gets very few views, then post pictures of your dog that gets thousands of views. All the hard work begins to feel underappreciated.

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Too many snacks while blogging (just me? whoops)

Eh, Yeah. Too many cookies, too much fizzy juice. Blogging is time consuming and energy draining so food helps. Unfortunately I tend to stock up on snacks and get too in to writing that the snacking becomes too much.

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Not having time to blog

When you work full time it sometimes becomes a secondary thought to blog, but you miss it. Or at least I do when I can’t. I have actually started setting aside time to blog and it helps.

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Forgetting to spell check

The worst messages I receive are the ones that tell me I have a spelling mistake in one of my blog posts. The. One. Thing. Wrong. With. The. Post.

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So that’s my list of the struggles of being a blogger. Do you have any more? Please share them down below.

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