22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years

September 21, 2017

People never stop learning, that’s the great realisation I have had as an adult. School may be over but our learning isn’t and that’s fantastic. As much as I despised doing homework and being at class when I was at school I still loved learning and I am honoured that I get to continue learning at the age of 22, not just because there is no obligation to do it, but because I can do it in my own way. I can learn about cultures by visiting them instead of watching a video, I can learn about cooking by making stuff I want to make instead of whatever a curriculum says. With this in mind I wanted to share 22 things I have learned in 22 years.

Here are 22 things I have learned in 22 years

1. Nobody Cares

People are too busy worrying about themselves that they really don’t care about whether you’re wearing odd socks if you’ve shaved your legs or brushed your hair. Although it’s good practice to do these things (minus the shaving which I will always say is a pointless ideal forged by the media). My point is don’t worry so much about what others are thinking. They probably don’t even notice you or me, a 22-year-old weirdo.

2. You’re In Charge Of You

No matter what people try to get you to do, you are the only one who can actually decide how you want to live your life? Want to skip university and become a hippy? Do it. I am in the exact place I brought myself to be in. I studied media and work for a media company. Only YOU know what’s best for you.

3. You really do only live once

So make the most of it. LIVE. Travel. Do the things that make you happy because you’ll never get another opportunity outside of this lifetime. Go out for those spontaneous drinks, eat that packet of biscuits (I mean, don’t kill yourself. Just treat yourself.). Spend extra long in your next shower. Do what every makes you comfortable and happy.

4. The world doesn’t end because of you

I used to think that if I was late, disruptive or any other negative thing you could think of that my world would end there and then. This isn’t true. People get over it, friends forgive and your life goes on.

5. You need experience to get experience

In any job nowadays they expect you to have at least 1 or 2 years experience in a field before hiring you, even if they claim to be offering a starter position. Make your own experience, volunteer, start your own thing. I started this blog and it’s only given me good things.

6. Friendships and Relationships won’t always be forever

People will walk out of your life. That’s a fact. They may walk back in to your life, but often someone who is your best friend in school will be the same person you lose contact with when you both move on to different things and this is okay. New people come along and the world is at ease again.

7. People’s opinions matter, but won’t always match yours

It’s important to understand that you will have differing opinions with people in your life, but that’s okay. Let it go. Debate it. Do whatever, but don’t cut them out of your life. They are entitled to an opinion, even if you don’t like it.

8. Money actually IS everything

If you don’t have enough money to live your life sucks. You can’t eat, you can’t get decent accommodation. Everything in this world is surrounded by money, so don’t be fooled by the people who tell you money isn’t important.

9. Happiness is difficult to obtain

Especially when, like me, you are more than aware of all the crap going on in the world and know there is nothing you can do to stop it. Although happiness is a self made thing, it can be difficult to find the correct balance.

10. Family is Important

Who will be the first person at your bedside if you need them? Family. Even if it’s self-made family, it’s important to keep these people in your life. People who will always be there for you no matter what.

11. Food is great

Even as a fussy eating vegetarian I know that there are so many great food options out there to be discovered. Don’t be too afraid to try new things and don’t stick to the same 3 meals. Eat well.

12. Exercise CAN be fun

You just have to do the right exercise. I go walking and take my camera with me so I can take photographs. I listen to audiobooks when exercising as well because I don’t often get a chance to do so in everyday life.

13. Stress is self-made

But also soooooo difficult to control. So you’re stuck in traffic and you feel stressed, why? Because you’re going to be late for work? It’s not your fault there is traffic, you can’t move it. Sit back and listen to the radio. Relax because stressing out will make your day worse. (If only I could figure out the trick to relaxing…)

14. Everyone has feelings

No matter how robot like they seem, you can still hurt them. Don’t walk around on eggshells, just be careful with what you say to people.

15. Your parents can’t be there forever

I have to book my own appointments for things now. Boo. But seriously, they can’t hold your hand as much after you’ve flown the nest. Be more independent. It’s better for everyone.

16. Even the happiest of people have bad times

You aren’t the only person who goes through bad times, everyone does. Those kids you’re jealous of because they have everything…they will have bad times too. Keep that in mind when you’re forming your opinions.

17. People adapt quickly

Humans have a habit of avoiding the bad. We often overlook the bad things and keep the world moving because we don’t know how else to act. We adapt to new surroundings quickly because we have to.

18. There’s probably no God

Although this is a very personal opinion, I stand by it. I’m not counting out the entire possibility of a God, just claiming that it’s unlikely.

19.  Adulting is hard

Being an adult is overwhelming and hard. Can I go back to being a bratty kid? Like seriously, cooking my own meals is the worst.

20. The world doesn’t revolve around you

The things you do don’t affect everyone. Don’t act as if everyone should care, because they don’t and they wont. You aren’t the centre of the universe. And thank god, that’d be a lot of pressure.

21. You won’t be good at everything

They say that practice makes perfect. This isn’t always the case. I did ballet for a good number of years and still looked clumsy and ungraceful on stage. Don’t let it get you down, try something new.

22. Dogs are AMAZING

Dogs are just the most delightful creatures on earth and that’s that.

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