September Must Haves

As discussed here is my monthly must-haves post. September is one of my favourite months, not only  because it’s my birthday but because you can feel the air cooling and are more than aware that winter is on it’s way which means more hats, more cosy indoor nights and more festive goodness. So with our further ado, here are my September must haves.

1. Primark Dresses

Yup, as cheap as Primark’s reputation is, they make clothes that fit me great and look super cute. I have this particular one that I love. It’s a 2-in-1 tunic dress and it looks like the dress that Wednesday Addams wears!,R35397149357917

Image result for wednesday addams gif

2. Hats, Hats, Hats!

My favourite thing always and forever will be hats. I love love love them. Everyone in my life, including work colleagues, has had the pleasure of seeing my extensive hat collection over the years. I am currently wearing this one because it matched my blog (Yes, I shop in Primark too much, it’s affordable okay!),R35397151977318

3. Dogs.

Because always. They are cute, cuddly and sometimes don’t know how to work stairs. Enjoy some gifs. And yes you can expect an animal gifs addition to every single one of my monthly must-haves.

Image result for cute dog gifs

Related image

Image result for cute dog gifs

Image result for dog on stairs gif

4. Blankets

I don’t know about you but I have been absolutely FREEZING these past couple weeks and my blankets have been keeping me cosy. There is nothing I love more than coming home on a cold autumn night and cuddling up to my boyfriend in a blanket. This is one of my favourites – it looks so cozy!

5. My Life As A Courgette

This film is a sweet tale of a boy in the care system. I saw this in the cinema and it quickly became one of my absolute favourites! Definitely worth a watch. It shows what kids really go through and how lonely it can be in a children’s home. You can buy a copy here:

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