The Cons Of Moving In With Your Partner

Although moving in with your partner is a happy occasion there are still cons to the whole situation, although small and insignificant they are still there. This isn’t meant to put you off living with your partner, it’s a humorous take on my experience living with my partner. So with out further ado, here are my cons of moving in with your partner.

1. You Have To Share

As an only child I am not used to having to share, but now I have to share. EVERYTHING. Shampoo (which has been running out SO MUCH FASTER), food, feelings, gaming – you name it, it’s now to be shared. Even your midnight junk food snacks, believe me, there is absolutely no hiding them!
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2. Bedroom Farts

There is nothing worse than getting all settled and comfortable for sleep then hearing the loudest fart. OH WAIT. There is something worse, the smell. Suddenly you’re trying to be polite by not saying anything whilst you’re being killed by the fumes.
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3. The Sims Fights

Now you will have the inevitable fights over who gets to play the Sims this evening. You’ll interfere with their game and make them grumpy, you’ll judge their Sims career choices and get annoyed when they pause the game. At least that’s how it works in this flat.
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4. Sleeping Habits

If you’re anything like me and my partner we have very different work schedules, I start work at 8:30 and he starts at 2:30 most days. This becomes an issue when I go to bed early and he keeps me up watching things (I’ve adapted to sleep through it thought).
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5. Film Choices

Yes, the classic “who gets to choose the film tonight” argument. This is a biggy in this flat because we’re both film buffs. Generally it ends up with us watching something that neither of us has initially suggested because we couldn’t settle on one.
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6. Living With a Quilt Theif

Yup. Be prepared to wake up cold EVERY MORNING when you discover that your partner has stolen the quilt from you and the draft has reached your unmentionables. However you don’t want to yank from them because they’re so darn cute when they sleep!
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So those are my cons to living with your partner. Do you have any others? Please share them below!
If living with your partner is causing major issues I recommend getting some relationship therapy before making any rash decisions for further information, please visit this website:

Author: Jodie Paterson

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