My Top 10 Favourite Netflix Series

October 25, 2017

Having been off work for a while I got accustomed to Netflix binge-watching and got some new favorite shows. If you’re looking for something new to watch I definitely recommend these shows!

10. Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

I’ve recently discovered the great wonder that is Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It was good for me when I was off because nothing major happens, things are fairly calm in Stars Hollow and all emotions are justified. There are no murders, crazy plot twists (well, until Rory stole that boat…) or major concerns and they like to eat making me feel better about stuffing my face with pizza.
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9. Love

I really love this show. It’s honest and sincere without being in your face. The main plot is about 2 people falling in love in a modern world and it’s really just so sweet (and Gus may be my new big crush). Really, just. He’s the best. It has great writing and definitely deserves a place in this list.
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8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show is great because it’s a very serious subject portrayed in a funny and silly show. It’s about a woman adjusting to life in New York after 15 years in a cult where she was kept in a bunker underground. Watch this show. Titus is life.
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7. Grace And Frankie

I mean. Okay. So 2 men break up with their wives to be together and then the wives set up a business selling female sex toys. It. Is. Amazing. It has Lily Tomlin (goddess), Jane Fonda (Queen), Sam Waterstone (Silver Fox?) and Martin Sheen (Winning) so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Well done Netflix!
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6. Arrested Development

Oh boy am I glad Netflix revived this show. It’s AMAZING. The understated humour, the quirky characters and (sexy) Will Arnett. What more could you want? Oh yeah and Ron Howard narrates it!
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5. Orange Is The New Black

The female prison with more drama than Jeremy Kyle. This female led cast brings strong female characters to talented actresses and Laura Prepon is a goddess. Seriously, it may not be realistic, but my goodness is it entertaining.
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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Once again, bringing strong character roles to females and making (also sexy) Marc Maron look like an asshole. This primarily about an actress trying to make it big, but getting stuck doing a show about female wrestling. It’s AMAZING. It also has Alison Brie. Do what you want with that information.
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3. Master Of None

Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None is just. It’s so good. Please watch it. Aziz Ansari is a great writer. It’s loosely based on real-life experiences of Ansari’s which just makes it even better. It’s charming and funny and I was 100% hooked from episode 1. (sorry for the inappropriate gif granny…)
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2. Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen Stranger things yet please come out of the hole you’ve been hiding in and get watching. It’s set in the ’80s and is very nostalgic. It involved a bunch of children unraveling the mysteries of a government hidden secret. Also Winona Ryder so…Yeah.
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1. Bojack Horseman on Netflix.

Yes. Will Arnett again and just all my yes. Incredible writing that shows all the issues in hollywood through a horse who had a hit TV show and is now in a downward spiral involving drugs and alcohol. It’s witty, depressing and you need to watch it NOW.
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