Travelling Abroad With Anxiety

Later this month my partner and I are going to Berlin. This will be my first trip abroad without my mum and after my diagnosis of anxiety. Am I nervous? Oh yes. But I won’t let it stop me. I am stronger than the illness and I will go prepared. So what I am so worried about? See my list below.

1. Flying

*heart palpitations*
Yes. I am a nervous traveler which also means I am nervous on flights. I coped going to Dublin by myself though because I got to the airport in plenty of time to calm my nerves before boarding. Once I am on the flight and it’s taken off I am fine. It’s more the thought than the actual process.
I imagine the scene will go a little like this:
Related image

2. Eating in a Different Country

Although I’ve been assured that Berlin has a wide variety for us vegetarians I am still nervous about finding places I can comfortably eat. I sometimes struggle in the UK, never mind somewhere I’ve never been before. I have, however, been sent a link to help me with this. It’s call Happy Cow and you can find it hereĀ It helps you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It’s great.

3. Not Having a “Safe Place”

So at home I have many safe places. My flat, the beach, my mums. These are the places I can go to when I am panicking and feel safe. I won’t have that in Berlin. I won’t have one place I can go to feel completely comfortable and safe. Hopefully I establish one pretty early on in the trip.
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4. Crowds

Yes, this happens everywhere. That doesn’t make me any less anxious about it. I do not cope well with crowds, never have. Although I probably won’t have to deal with any more crowds than I have to here at home it’s still going to be in my mind as I walk the streets of Berlin.
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5. Meeting New People

Yeah. This might be fun when I am experiencing it, but I am already mapping out all the worst case scenarios in my head. You know, what if they drug me? What if they steal my stuff? What if they kidnap me? Yes all extreme, but all concerns of mine as I prepare to go on this holiday. I also don’t think all the deodorant in the world could cover up the nervous sweats.
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6. Losing My Partner

I don’t mean losing as in he dies, I mean losing as in he wanders off and I am lost and afraid. When I say I am going to be clinging on to him for dear life, I mean it. Honestly, I think my biggest fear is losing him and not knowing where he is in a foreign country. I would be so powerless and scared.
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7. Missing the Christmas Markets

Ending on a lighter note here. I would be so gutted to miss the Christmas markets. Only a few of them are actually open when we are there and I am genuinely scared we might miss them. Yes this one is stupid (I guess they all are in the big picture) but I am genuinely nervous about this.
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So those are my anxieties and fears about my trip. Do you get these when you’re travelling, or other ones? Please share them below.

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