November Must Haves

Hello everyone!

I missed October favourites last month due to, well, forgetting and having nothing exciting to share. November, however, has brought me more interesting things and experiences. I promise I’ll get better and regularly posting these.

With my trip to Berlin coming up I’ve been preparing for winter weather so – spoiler alert – a lot of these may be cozy jumpers/jackets…

1. Mustard Embroidered Jumper

Enlarged photo

I am currently obsessed with this colour! It looks so much better on than I had expected and I love, love, love it. The style is flattering and so it the colour. It’s cheap, cozy and cute. I got this at Primark for £13. You can find it here:,N35397121582146

2. Duffle Coats

I’ve never really tried on a jacket that has made me think “Oh, I look good”. Being a larger lady with huge tatas, jacket buying can be quite difficult, however with New Look’s Curves range I’ve finally found jackets I love that fit me in all the right places!

I recently bought this lovely jacket in New Look and have honestly fallen in love with how it makes me look. You can find the link below.

3. Fentimans Cherry Cola

So I may have been drinking a little *too* much of this, but my god is it a bottle of delicious heavenly tasting liquid. My local favourite coffee place (The Craftsman Company Aberdeen) stocks it and I honestly don’t think I’ve drank anything else there since The Craftsman opened.


4. Paddington 2

Oh my gosh, please go and see it. It’s honestly just as good as the first one and I actually cried at the end, real tears. It was so sweet and Hugh Grant is hilarious in it. Every things was well thought out and no scene was misplaced. Also he’s a cute bear who talks…

Image result for paddington 2

So those are my November must haves. What are your November must-haves? What do you think of mine?

Comment below 🙂


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