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5 Tips To Surviving in a Foreign Country When You Have Anxiety

December 1, 2017

Travelling with anxiety can be daunting at the best of times, but going to a foreign country is even worse, at least it is for me. Now that I’ve been to a foreign country without the comfort of my mother and after my diagnosis of anxiety, I feel I can provide real and decent advice about surviving in a foreign country when you have anxiety.

1. Plan To Survive

This doesn’t necessarily mean the day-to-day plans on your holiday, but rather accommodation, transport, insurance etc. Make sure you have all your documents, and transport sorted before going otherwise it will be full-on panic mode when you reach the airport. I get myself a folder with all the important documents (boarding passes, train tickets, passports etc.) so I can see I have it all in one place. No scrambling for things, less panic.

2. Avoid Travelling at Peak Times

Trust me on this one. Travelling on public transport at peak times was my big mistake in Berlin. I felt disorientated and claustrophobic and it sent my anxiety sky high. It will be busy, but you can avoid it by going for a coffee before travelling anywhere avoiding the crowds, or you could simply plan your day around it and that way you will survive your trip.

3. Find a Safe Space To Survive

On your first day there establish a safe place you can head back to when you’re feeling particularly anxious. For me, and probably a lot of you, it was the hostel/hotel room. It’s the place where you’re alone and can take a breather from everything. I did this every evening, though, and unfortunately missed the opportunity to go out in evenings when in Berlin. This is something I plan to work on.

4. Go With Someone You Trust

This might seem obvious, but at the start of this year, I went to Dublin. By myself. For the New Year. That was a mistake. I had a good time but got very panicked when I got lost. Solo travelling might be for some, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with anxiety, surviving is a lot easier when you have a pal with you.

5. Remind Yourself Why You Want To Travel

For me, this was a big reason I was actually able to go on holiday this year. It can be the motivation for you to take control of your anxiety and make it so much easier to survive when you’re there.

If you feel you need further help than this, but can’t make your way to a therapist’s face to face you could consider online therapy. I’d suggest Better Help for this. You can find them at
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